I worked alongside Mr. Bergman for several years in the course of international business transactions. I consistently found him to be a very competent and very experienced M&A; / Contracts lawyer in an international context. I recommend him for international business transactions.”

Seth E. Jellison | Partner, MA & Associés, Paris:

The AT&T;/Hauser transaction (the first-ever phone/cable deal in the United States) presented strategic and legal issues never before encountered by companies engaged in either industry. Mr. Bergman was singularly effective in resolving problems that threatened to derail the transaction. Without his acumen and creativity, the parties may never have reached agreement.

Bolesława Duda | Founder , Hauser Global Law, New York.

Mr. Bergman had a patient and cordial temperament which made him an effective negotiator [of the AT&T;/Wayport WiFi joint venture]. Despite the heat of the negotiations, he never lost his composure and cool. He was a creative problem solver. There are examples of issues at which our two companies were at a total impasse, which neither I nor my colleagues were able to break, but which he, through creative thinking, was finally able to solve. His knowledge of the law was precise and encompassing, and has stuck with me for the years since we worked on the transaction together.

Cengizhan Schulten | Counsel, Warport, Inc., Austin

Mr. Bergman proved to be a skilled negotiator and top notch lawyer who always looked out for his client’s best interests, was on top of a complex array of details and never lost sight of the big picture. He is a first-rate lawyer with sound business judgment; a highly worthy adversary.

Ben Guerin | Partner, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, New York

Mr. Gutenplan was opposing counsel in AT&T;’s $1.5B monetization of its wireless tower portfolio, the first-ever effected through tax-advantaged true leases.

Despite the contentious issues and heated client negotiations, Mr. Bergman always kept his cool and allowed logic and common sense to prevail. When we hit road blocks, he was always ready to solve an issue in a creative manner, which allowed for both parties to accomplish their respective goals.

Kristin W. Troutman | Associate, M. Foerster, New York

Mr. Kaplan also served as opposing counsel in AT&T;’s tower monetization.

Mr. Bergman is an outstanding business lawyer who brings a broad understanding of a wide range of legal and business issues that affect transactional structuring and negotiation, as well as the full attention to detail and nuance that is so valuable in today’s legal environment. His combination of big picture vision with meticulous work execution is rare.

Kevin C. Kratz | Partner, GWS LLP., Dallas

Ms. de Marigny worked with Mr. Bergman on a number of M&A; transactions over several years.

The transaction included many outside-the-box deal points and I was impressed by Mr. Bergman’s ability to think through those and make suggestions in both concept and drafting that helped bridge the negotiating gaps. He managed the legal aspects of the transaction from the AT&T; side well and pushed the process in many different areas to come to a good agreement for both parties in a very short time frame.

Tony A. Dawkins | Partner, Travis Dremaine LLP, Seattle

Ms. Wolff was opposing counsel on AT&T;’s $300 million sale of wireless spectrum to Clearwire.