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Top 3 Social Media Platforms For Lawyers And Law Firms


Social media is a valuable marketing tool for law firms and lawyers throughout the world. When used right, it can result in incredible exposure for your firm, driving new clients to your website. It can also help boost your search engine rankings, thus driving more people to your site from organic Google searches.

If your law firm doesn’t already have at least some sort of social media presence, you need to make changes. You should be active on at least one or two platforms, and you should be posting and engaging with your followers on a daily basis if possible. To help you get started, I’ve put together a short list of the top 3 social media platforms for lawyers and law firms. They include:


Facebook is a must. A huge percentage of the world’s population is active on Facebook, which means that it is definitely the best social media platform for exposure and getting your name out there. In fact, a recent study estimated that over 70% of 30-49 year olds who are connected to the internet use Facebook. You would be stupid if you didn’t make the most of this.


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