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Why Family Courts Have Plenty to Say About Drug Use


It might surprise some of you reading this to know too many of the people who go through drug rehab, including when that takes place in a residential facility, are much-loved family members, many of whom are fathers or mothers of young children. This points us to the fact that drug addiction makes no distinction of who is afflicts, so it can impact anyone regardless of age, gender, income bracket, or the family they belong to.

Whilst drug rehab should be seen as a positive step in someone moving towards freeing themselves of drug addiction, it can also form part of a situation directed by decisions taken under family law. Bear in mind that many cases before the Family Court are either complicated by or initiated due to someone being addicted to drugs.

Drug laws, which come under the umbrella of criminal law and family law, are two distinct legal areas, so lawyers specialise in each. Nevertheless, there will be instances where their paths cross, especially when children in a family are affected. Therefore, we will take a brief look at how the Family Court will make rulings when drug use and drug addiction are a factor.


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