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What Happens When You Breach A VRO?


Violence restraining orders, or VROs, are one of the most common legal issues dealt with by criminal lawyers and legal advisors in Australia. VROs may be imposed by a legal authority, and they put restrictions on where a person bound by the order can go and what they can do. Advice out today says that a VRO will prevent an offender from coming into contact with the person or people who have taken the order out against them. In come cases, they may also be prevented from going to certain places to reduce the risk of contact.

Are Violence Restraining Orders The Same As Criminal Charges?

To put it simply, no, a VRO is not a criminal charge. It won’t go on your criminal record, and won’t leave a permanent black mark against your name. However, breaching a VRO is a severe offence, and will result in a criminal record. The penalties for breaching a VRO can be significant, and include up to $6000 fine and two years imprisonment. Other penalties can be imposed by a court, and repeat offenders can face larger fines or longer prison sentences.


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